This price is for the basic container, whose interior measurements are: 12.01 meters long by 2.33 meters wide and 2.69 meters high. Contains thermo-acoustic insulating material, drywall walls and ceiling, laminate or vinyl floors for greater durability and traffic. PVC gates, electrical installation and interior preparations for hydraulic and sanitary installations.

Container de 40 Ft, 2 bedrooms USD for

  • •Prices subject to change until the day of contracting. It is contracted by construction management. Budget will be delivered to qualified interested parties who reserve a unit (container) under a letter of intent with a refundable deposit of $ 2,500 usd.

    •Method of payment, 20% upon signing the purchase-sale contract, 60% upon starting works in the container, 10% when finishing the interiors and contracting household goods and installation, 10% upon final delivery.

    •Delivery time 15 weeks or before (depending on Schedule), plus 2 weeks for details and 1 week to deliver at the site. 

    •The settlement of the container is in a flat surface, in case to levelthe land, there Will be an additional cost. All the excavation isconsidering in material type I, sand or soft material for manual ejecution.

    •Price do not include IVA tax.

    •Permits, licences, or trnasport requirements by government will be under client costs.